Monday, March 2, 2015

Naked faced naivety. Confidence without makeup

Hi guys,
Naked skin - Ekkk!

Someone asked me recently ''do you always wear makeup outside of the house even if your just running to get milk'' this question made me genuinely sit back and think about my attitude to makeup and society's attitude to it also.

I feel as a woman who is quite young there is emphasis to always try to fit this ''perfect image'' of young girls,to have a perfect body,to be care free and always look presentable, aka not a face full of spots or redness. I feel this gives women such pressure to go on crazy diets and also so put makeup on everyday.

My relationship with makeup began when I was about 13, I went to the pharmacy in town and purchased the cheapest foundation I could find that was not in a pound shop, so i purchased the essence clear and matt in 01, Needless to say with my skin being paler than the colour of milk I was a nice orange blob for the whole year. My school shirts stained around the collar in this fabulous off orange colour. I felt such a pressure to wear makeup because everyone else was.
This slowly evolved in waking up about an hour and a half before we left for school to get dressed,washed and them slathered on the orange base, rings of black eyeliner because I was ''hard core'' and lashing of clumpy mascara. This was the done thing and being unusual already not wearing makeup was not something I was ok with.

As i progressed throughout the secondary school system I remember seeing girls on nights out wearing red lipstick and these things called ''smokey eyes'' which were really a streak of brown and black all over the eyes which often gave the punched eye effect. As I grew older thankfully I discovered you tube where I began to experiment with makeup at home and raiding my mothers stash to try and  somewhat apply nice makeup.

Some days I would go to school or to the shop without makeup on and I felt like a different person,Less confident, I found myself bending over not wanting to stand up straight or make eye contact. All over a product I lash onto my skin?

So here we are about 6/7 years since I first began to wear makeup and the same theories surround the makeup world. All of us look at makeup as enhancing our beauty making us look ''done'' and ''complete'' but yet we forget to think of how it drys the skin,ages our skin and leaves your eyes often irritated and sore.

I feel as I grow older I want to try to step out from this feeling of where I ''need'' to wear makeup everyday.  I often go into work without makeup if I am extremely tired,running late or cant be bothered,The men will look at your face and go ''What the hell is wrong''.
''Are you sick?''
''Ive always wanted to see you like that''. Then give you an odd look and walk away, Leaving you completely confused and feeling even more self conscience about your naked face. So one day I decided enough was enough and that I was going to go to work and college without makeup on whenever I felt like it and didn't care if people judged me differently. At the end of the day you are who you are, when you wake up in the morning that is the face you were born with you may not love it and think it is perfect but you can't change it,well unless you have extreme surgery,but you shouldn't feel you need to hide under layers of makeup to feel pretty or sexy.

I have started this journey where for some women it is actually so hard and a thing I think that some others don't understand so I think take baby steps, slowly start wearing less and less makeup until one day you walk out of the house and just say ''feck it'' I am who I am and can feel just as confident with or without makeup on.

Niamh xx

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Are you Dainty enough to be a doll? Nichola Roberts makeup line review

Nicola Roberts is known to most for being the Red haired member of the ever popular British band ''Girls Aloud''. As a fair lady myself I have heard of Nicola's line before but never got around to trying the products. Her line is directed for those extremely pale women. We are talking lighter than the lightest shade for most makeup brands and also lighter than nw15 if your speaking MAC terms.

The range features shades that go from nearly pure white to off white yellow based concealers,foundations and powders. The rest of the line features many eye shadows lipsticks,eyeliners and blushes. The reason these line brought me in was that over on they were having a sale on this particular line. Many of the products were discounted right down with up to 75% off.

Many of the products were down around the 1 pound to 2 pound area so of course I wanted to jump on the band wagon and see what these products were like.

                                                                                      Boxes of Products from above

The packaging for these products are so luxurious,you feel very ''fancy'' using such a product. The lipsticks come in a nice hard metal canister which gives the ever satisfying click when closed. The eye shadow is cased in a generic black single pan as is the concealer which holds a mirror inside also. The brush on concealer comes in a stronger plastic which seems like metal which seems stronger as apposed to most lower end duplicates which come in cheap plastic. These products will definitely be safe to roll around in any makeup bag or kit.

First up is the eye shadow, Retailing for £11.50 I got this shadow for a shocking price of £1.99.
This shade is called ''teach me tiger'' and is the number 003. I am always pulled towards orange salmon shadows and this was no different. This shadow is so creamy to the touch and packs onto the eye so well.
A slight undercurrent of gold sheen can be seen through this orange based shadow and goes extremely well on tanned skin or people with blue eyes but is an all around nice everyday shadow. The container it comes in feels very luxurious as stated above. The outer packaging is a black box with a beautiful orange haired doll and on top of the box states ''eye shadow'' so if you kept your products in the box it would be easy to find each of the chosen products.

Eyeshadow in 003 ''teach me tiger''

Next up is a product I am constantly on the hunt for, as a pale lady it is very difficult to find skin products so when I saw that Dainty doll concealer was on sale for £1.99 as apposed to the £14.50rrp. The concealer comes in a potted container similar to that of Benefit boi-ing in which you dip your finger or brush. The concealer is a little dry (Im putting this down to being in a warehouse for too long) which can be warmed up with your fingers to give a nice coverage on the face, Both of the shades I own are yellow based and are extremely pale and should cater to skin lighter than nw15 or the palest shade of most foundation ranges.

L - R  001,002,002 (lighting has altered the look of the 2 on the right) 

Outer packaging of Concealer

001 and 002 blended onto the hand (blends right into my skin) 

  Dainty Doll concealer pen is also retailing at £1.99 and I purchased the lightest shade 01, The concealer is a very light lumines concealer than covers under eye circles quite well while having some tack to it as to stick to any powder placed over it nicely.

                                                  L - R 01 brushed onto the hand,01 blended onto the hand

Lipstick is a Product I just can not get enough of so when I saw that Dainty doll also had their lipsticks on sale for £2.99 I virtually ran to the website to purchase. I picked up 2 shades. 003 its my party is a bright coral pink that makes quick an impact on my pale skin. The other shade is 005 which is a true wine red which has a blue undertone is also a satin finish and glides across the lips. Both lipsticks are long lasting for a lipstick and feel delightful on your lips.

L - R 005 and 003

L - R 005 and 003 swatched on hand.

Overall these are some fantastic products and I would highly recommend anyone head over to this website and take a look at these products. All very affordable and as you can see above pigmented too.

Niamh x 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tea for two,two for tea.

 Another week has flown by already a week filled with mostly personal things, I uploaded 2 youtube videos one of which has had great watches my ''Prom look'' video -

Afternoon tea with a good friend and babysitting a cute little dog that had some major surgery.


A prom look video, A spring/summer makeup look and a Haul video, All exciting times in the world of Niamhtbh on Youtube!

It was a fabulous week which I am hoping followed by a great weekend full of some friend's birthday celebrations and lots of hours in work!
Enjoy the photos,
Till next time, bye xx

Friday, April 27, 2012

My week in Photography

Ive seen this on lots of blogs recently and thought ''I'd like to try that''. So here it is my week in photography,I feel of late Ive become quiet busy between trying to cramp in personal life along with my paying job and also my Makeup work.
Hopefully this gives you and insight into my weeks,to some this may be paint on the wall but to others its nice to watch,plus for myself in a few months time to look back and remember each week as a little chapter.

Hope you enjoy.

First row: A behind the scenes shot of a Photoshoot I was shooting for in Dublin. A comparison review was made between the Pennys hair turban and the Soap&Glory hair turban,their exactly the same but €9 in the difference!
Second row: A beautiful model I worked with on the shoot asked for a moss green smokey eye which I thought suited her so well :)  A friendly fellow passenger in the car the other day called flipper!
Bottom row: This is what messing around with paint gets you,the difference between sfx and dramatic fashion makeup,oh how I love what makeup can do to a face!!

Next week awaits us!
Niamh xx

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sleek Curaco Eyeshadow Palette Review

Sleek is a company renowned with having high impact shadows without a big impact to your product. A shadow palette containing 12 pigmented colours and retails for €8.50- €9.00 and even less in the UK. Most palettes of this price are as pigmented as a white to find a palette that actually pays off exact to the colour in the pan this is not a product to be passed.
The version that I have here for my review is the Curaco palette,filled with many colours similar to both the circus and the acid palette by sleek. The products vary from matte to shimmer. Avoiding any shadows with chunks of glitter though. Each shadow is a buttery texture and when applied with fingers feels almost more like a cream than a powder eye-shadow.

This has both positives and negatives,of course a positive is that it is creamy and easy to apply and blend effortlessly.
The negative is that the product is so creamy it clumps into little balls of softness which can fall out from the palette and also onto your face when applying the shadow.

And onto the swatches!
(sadly my palette did not contain a sheet with names on it)
Swatches to follow of colours from left to right,in portions of 4

First bunch
Middle bunch
Last bunch (right hand)

As you can see from these swatches they are very pigmented shadows,as per usual purples and yellows are known to be less pigmented than other shadows,I feel for these 2 shadows the Yellow and Purple are just average looking but do work extremely well when packed on. They last all days on my eyes without creasing or loosing colour pay off but of course a base helps even more.

A product I'd highly recommend to anyone,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nyx Round Lipstick Review:

So it may be known that Im not the first to review this product there is hundreds of reviews out there on these lipsticks. How could i pass a good product up though? Especially for us Irish folks Nyx is not a brand many people know. I know of one store near me that sells Nyx at a ridiculous price and for Beauty professionals only.

Of coarse you can purchase off the Nyx Uk website,but frankly its cheaper to purchase from even though its in America. I purchased these during a 20% off sale they have a few times a year. The lipsticks themselves sell regularly for $1.99 so a definite steal in my eyes!

So first of the pack is Fig,A milky salmon orange/coral colour,It as with all the other lipsticks glides onto the skin like a dream. Its a very wearable colour great for giving a pop to an every day look. Id imagine it would work great with a smokey eye to balance out the darkness also. Definitely well suited to paler skin.

Second Lipstick is my personal favorite not only for the great colour but also for the name ''Paris'' such a great name pulling me back to past times in Paris. This lipstick is a soft pink with a pop of colour coming through it,not quiet pale pink yet wearable enough for during the day. I've found this to go well with a bronze smokey eye and gold natural eyes. Again i feel this lipstick would work with all skin tones as it is so versatile.

Chloe: The next lipstick in the bunch wouldn't be your natural every day lipstick for most,I'd definitely class this as a bold lip. Most would rock it best with a black smokey eye or even a nice plain eye with some liner and lash's to make your lips stand out from the crowd. It is a hot magenta lipstick,a creme finish that glides over the skin beautifully. I find with this lipstick the colour pay off is quiet good but needs a few rounds of the lipstick to get the colour very intense. Here it is swathed lightly and looks almost like a stain on the lips.


Doll is the next lipstick. It is a beautiful ''my lip-colour but better'' colour. It is very wearable and gives enough pigmentation to the lip without being a bold colour. It reminds me of Fig in the photos but in person they are quiet different as Doll is brown based. A very beautiful colour again that's easily to wear,i feel this is repetitive but its true they are all very creamy and smooth.

Lastly we come to Thalia,the darkest of the shades. I've such a mixed review on this lipstick everything bar the shade is amazing. The shade is this dark muddy brown that when applied on my lips comes across as my lips have been drained of all pigmentation and life. It makes my teeth look like I have been smoking for years and that my teeth are bright yellow,not very attractive. Ive swatched this lipstick once before and sadly i doubt i will ever use it. This lipstick seems it could be good for people with darker complexions who can rock it as a nude lip.

L-R: Fig,Paris,Chloe and Doll
Bottom Row: Thalia

Thank you for reading this post and hope you enjoyed! :D
Niamh x